Future Priests of the Third Millennium

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Chrism Mass

On Monday evening, I had the pleasure of attending the Chrism Mass for the Diocese of Rapid City. It was a beautiful celebration that incorporated the majority of the cultural heritages present within our diocese. A Lakota drum group led the penitential rite. Several of the songs were bilingual in an attempt to incorporate our Spanish speakers. Most beautiful of all, however, was the fact that almost every priest in the diocese was present. They traveled for hundreds of miles to be there. Those who were not present were either sick or comforting grieving families, and had called other priests to tell them why they could not attend.

It really is a stunning thing when you consider it. The priests of my diocese don't always get along. They certainly don't see eye to eye as concerns theological questions. Nevertheless, for one night, they laid aside those differences, they gathered around their bishop, and they professed anew the promises they made on the day of their ordinations. At that moment, they were truly a presbyterate - a group of men whose ministry flows from that of the Bishop, Successor to the Apostles.

I witnessed this event and was reminded that no priest is a lone ranger. No priest operates on his own. No priest can somehow absent himself from the fact that he is connected to every other priest in the diocese by their common mission and their shared ministry in relationship to their bishop. I find it hard to believe that any priest would choose not to attend the Chrism Mass out of shallow resentment, political statement making, negligence, or ignorance of its importance. The beauty of the priesthood is very apparent in the celebration of the Chrism Mass. It would be a shame to let one's own pettiness obscure it.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The new North American Martyrs

So I thought that this is pretty hilarious!

Apparently, there seems to be a new inter-seminary league in Rome between the various houses that are preparing men to serve as priests throughout the world. They are in the competition called the CLERICUS CUP. It might be worth noting that one of their players is from our Archdioces, and another spent his two years of Pre-Theology with us at SPS.