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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

More complaining on the cold... (i.e. Happy Tết!)

I think it's safe to say that Tyler, at least on this blog, is infamous for complaining about the cold. Well, add another. So I was sitting at the table in the lounge eating my bagel dinner and one of the guys begins complaining about how cold it is supposedly going to be in just a couple days - nine below zero as a low and seven above as a high?

Then I remembered that he had said it was the New Year for "his people," the Vietnamese. Yes, today is the Vietnamese New Year (actually, the new year for a number Asian countries which follow the Lunar Calendar). So, to all our Vietnamese, et. al., readership, Happy New Year, or as I'm learning, Happy Tết!

As he continued speaking about it, he eventually revealed that part of the significance of the New Year is that it signals the beginning of Spring (hence, the flower/tree associated with Tết). I guess if that's the case, his complaint is somewhat understandable.

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