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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Fishing Tournament

Yesterday, there was a fishing tournament held at Big Stone Lake which is located in Big Stone City, SD. Big Stone City is right on the borders of Minnesota and South Dakota in the northeast corner of the state. The tournament was started by our previous bishop, Bishop Robert Carlson, and this was the 12th tournament held to support seminarian education. Most of the seminarians were placed on teams so that we could get to know them and to have a good time as well. It had been about ten years since I was out fishing and we had a great time. I went with a father of four who had his two littlest boys with him and his niece. We were out for about six hours and caught about ten fish. One of the little ones caught a three and a half pound walleye, which got him the prize for having the largest walleye caught by a youth. It was a great time and there is another tournament coming up in about two weeks.


Jodi said...

May parents help with the fishing tournament near Gettysburg. They really enjoy getting to know the seminarians and usually fish with one of them. Will you be going to that one too?

Anthony said...

I will be going there in the middle of the month.

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