Future Priests of the Third Millennium

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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Father's Reflections on Vocations

On Saturday afternoon, I had the chance to share an evening with a family who have long been friends of my own family. They live in one of the suburbs, and one would think that with them that close, I would see them often. Such, unfortunately, has not been the case in the four years I have been here. We see each other a couple of times each year, though, and Saturday evening, I was happy to finally have the chance to host them briefly in my home. The second son in the family (who is only eight) has talked about being a priest for some time now, and I invited him to come and see where you get to learn to be a priest. So, finally, on Saturday we were able to do so. I had a great time with them as we toured the chapel, the dorm wing of the seminary, and the campus. Afterward, we enjoyed a lovely Vietnamese dinner. Apparently this visit, as well as recent events in the life of their local parish prompted the father of the family to write a beautiful relfection on vocations. I commend "Callings" to your reading.