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Saturday, September 05, 2009

St. Joseph Cathedral in Sioux Falls, SD

A while ago I mentioned the fact that the Cathedral Church in Sioux Falls, SD was going to be restored. Construction began after the celebration of the diaconate and priesthood ordinations. The picture to the left is what the Cathedral looked like during the procession for the most recent ordination to the priesthood. Take a good look and compare to the next photo.

Does it look a little different? Where did the pews go? Most parts of the pews will be refinished, some parts will be redone. The high altar along with the canopy (tester) was taken out and is in storage somewhere to hopefully be used in another church somewhere. Right now the Church that sits on a hill overlooking the city of Sioux Falls is not in use, nor will it be for quite some time.

This last picture is a schematic of what the Cathedral will look like after the work is complete.