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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Following Mike's Footsteps...

So I was back home this weekend. Coming from a rather small town (2200 people), it so happens that my mother is on (what they simply call) "the Music Committee"--she helps select the music to be sung at Mass. Though this doesn't necessitate that she have a key to the church, it bears the privilege of having a key to the church. So, I often take advantage of this and use her key to pay visits to our Lord in the Eucharist while home on breaks.

When I was home this last time, I noticed the beauty of the stained-glass windows with which I grew up, though they never particularly stuck out to me before. I wanted to photograph them, so I grabbed my parents' digital camera as I headed up to church one afternoon. While photographing, I also decided I would photograph the statue of St. Michael the Archangel in the same parish. This piece of art I did notice whilst growing up. I don't remember having any reflection too profound on the image in my childhood years, but I recall believing that he was a powerful creature, slaying that nasty serpent who is always trying to wreck havoc. I also remember thinking that if I could have designed him, I wouldn't have made his upperbody so cocked to the side, but rather, more straightforward (go figure--a critique of art from one who was later to become a seminarian!).

I post the pictures for your own enjoyment and devotion.

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