Future Priests of the Third Millennium

A little insight into the life of seminarians from various dioceses preparing for ministry as Roman Catholic priests, including daily activities, personal interests, special events, the spiritual life, news from the seminary, and almost whatever comes to our minds!

Saturday, May 16, 2009


As the year comes to a close, things become more and more surreal. Guys that I have known for many years are being ordained, I have been in school almost 20 years out of 24 years of my life, in a few more months I will have another niece or nephew, and in a little more than a week I will begin a new summer assignment. This time of year is always a little difficult because of tests, cleaning our rooms out, moving stuff home or to a new room, etc. It also brings the joys of being done with classes and preparing for the summer. I have been looking at some books that I would like to finish and/or start over the summer.

The biggest help for me is consistency in my way of life. In college seminary we were always asked to set up a plan for our time away from the seminary; where/when am I going to go to Mass, pray, exercise, relax? There will be a number of men in Theology I in Sioux Falls doing CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education) and I hope to spend time with them in the midst of a busy schedule for them. I look forward to getting some experience in areas that I was not able to in my last summer assignment as well. New responsibilities, new challenges, new joys to thank God for.