Future Priests of the Third Millennium

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

I am a pack rat

This past week I have been cleaning out some things that I have been collecting or holding on to for quite some time. I still have an olive-colored suit coat and pants that I wore during high school and since I have been out of high school for close to six years I think that it is time to find someone who will be able to use it. I have discovered other items that I have kept for no apparent reason and really have no use for any more.

I come from a family of pack rats. My mother is a quilter and she saves pieces of fabric for all sorts of stuff. My dad collects newspapers with some major events (9-11, sports events, elections, etc.) and others I have no idea why there are around the house. I have stuff that has some sentimental value (mainly items from deceased relatives) and others are gifts that were at one time useful and no longer hold a special place in my heart.

There are still more piles of stuff to sort through and get rid of. I am in the midst of cleaning my closet out and it is taking a while to think back to the last time I wore a particular shirt. A trip to Goodwill is in need this coming week once I have boxed things up and say goodbye to that suit that I will probably never wear.