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Monday, July 21, 2008

A Constructive Summer

The seminary has been bursting with action this summer and we are now thrilled to tell you about all of the construction projects going on about the seminary! Just when you thought the Saint Paul Seminary's blog had reached a peak of fever-pitch excitment, here comes a new blog series: A CONSTRUCTIVE SUMMER - Building Projects at the Saint Paul Seminary!

You can look forward to reading about 1) the cleaning of the exterior of Saint Mary's Chapel, 2) the parking ramp construction that causes half of the University of Saint Thomas traffic to flow straight through the seminary's parking lot, 3) the repaving of the seminary's back parking lot that we share with the Archbishop Byrne Residence, and - most excitingly - 4) the preparation and installation of the new statue of Saint Paul to be placed in our courtyard!

Can you feel the excitment! I can hardly wait! I'm already on the edge of my seat! So stay tunned, seminary supporters! We're about to show you some busted concrete, huge holes dug through concrete, heights of chapel stone, and rough roads in our own backyard.

Take care, -Jeremy


Anonymous said...

ROFL! I've been wondering why on earth the courtyard was being torn up.

Jonathan said...

Wow, expensive. But isn't the chapel's exterior an iconic look? I guess we will see when the stone underneath is revealed.

And I am so glad to hear about the parking lot. That has needed to be done for quite awhile. Now, if we can only change the carpet...

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