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Saturday, July 19, 2008


Sorry about not having a post for yesterday. We try to have at least one post per day, but as you can see, sometimes that doesn't work. Deacon Tyler is off gallavanting down under. And, well, it's the summer.

What's my excuse? I don't really have one. But, I can tell you that Rochester is this weekend hosting its second annual Steubenville North conference. It's a youth rally, of sorts. Last year there were some 300-400 youth gathered here. This year it's doubled: there's over 700 kids who have gathered from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Louisiana, Illinois, Nebraska and other locations to praise God and grow in Christian holiness. The weekend has a number of activities: praise and worship, Mass, meals, discernment/evangelization/witness workshops, adoration, confession, men's/women's conferences, as well as plenty of filler time with someone giving jokes, leading some "reminiscing" of old 70s/80s/90s popular music favorites. These kids know some of the oldies far better than I!

Rochester's location is actually the second Steubenville North location. The first was in the cities, but they have grown to capacity and had to start another one nearby. I wouldn't be surprised if they soon filled this one and hard to start another. These Steubenville conferences are growing. You can learn more about the S. North ones on the website: www.partnershipforyouth.org. From there you can get linked up with Steubenville's general Conference website, as well as Franciscan University of Steubenville's website.

I would ask a favor of you, at this point: pray for these youth, as well as those on World Youth Day. Even if you read this after the conference is completed: pray for the ones who attended this conference, that our Lord may open their hearts to his Gospel, to his truth, and that what they experience here will be a catalyst to always more profound participation in their regular parish life as Christians.

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