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Monday, July 07, 2008


Vacations are a blessed time to escape for relaxation, spiritual communion, and refreshment. It is also an opportunity to continue to develop one's personality and humanity by traveling to places unseen, doing things not yet experienced, attempting things as of yet unattempted. The Church's Law wisely grants pastors up to one month of continuous or interrupted vacation throughout the year (if for more than one week, he must inform the Bishop or the Vicar General; Canon 533.2).

Well, I returned on Saturday from just under a week's vacation with my family. Since 1976, except for a few rare exceptions, my family (usually extended family on my mom's side included) has returned to the same resort in Canada for a yearly week-long fishing trip. Here are some of the pictures of the location itself. As you can see, it is beautiful.

Two of the cabins, the docks, the dike,
and the high water levels almost covering the dike!

The other perspective, showing you the very large bay at which we stay,
which is only a small part of Rainy Lake.
The shoreline usually goes down to the reeds.

There's always new discoveries in Canada.
A mini-waterfall we've never noticed before on the shore
near a productive fishing spot.

Just one instance of the wildlife which abounds.

One of three islands in a string at another popular fishing location.
In the reeds on the right, just at the water level of this island, you would find:

This loon sitting on her nest of eggs.

A little but beautiful bay which goes back quite a ways.
Just outside it (where the picture is being taken from) is usually
a very productive northern-pike fishing spot, but not this year.

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