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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Add one more!

I called up my folks this last Sunday, as is my usual habit. I try to call them once a week. Sometimes I fail at this, but usually I make sure I call at least once every week and a half. Not too much is new with them. They're just having fun being grandparents.

But, I also got in contact with some of my siblings. I'm the youngest of four. These I keep in contact with usually at least once a month. Sometimes it will be more frequent. Usually not less. Well, as I was talking with my brother who is about five years older than I, he handed the phone off to his daughter who is five years old. She and I talked for a short while. She's taking swimming lessons and enjoying them. She thinks I should marry the pool lady, who is 50+ years old and not yet married. Obviously, my niece doesn't understand celibacy. Then, I spoke with her brother, my nephew, who quickly interrupted me because he was so excited and said, "Mom has a baby!" Since he interrupted me, and he's only 2 years old, and he wasn't holding the phone close to his mouth, I didn't quite hear it perfectly and I asked, "What?!" And he said, "I'm gonna be big brother!" And then I knew it must be true, for he wouldn't have understood the idea of being a big brother unless my brother and sister-in-law had explained it to him. Once my brother was back on the phone, I double-checked and sure enough. They're expecting. I guess it's supposed to be a March due date, but she had both of those kids early, so we shall have to see.

But, being an uncle for the seventh time isn't bad. I have been wondering if there might be another one coming along the way sometime soon. Sure enough.

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Talk to Deacon Michael.

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