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Monday, August 11, 2008

A Constructive Summer - the Saint Paul Statue: the Third Part

Onward we go and full-speed ahead! We are now in the Third Part of the Fifth Installment of A CONSTRUCTIVE SUMMER on the Saint Paul Statue.

We left off yesterday with a hole being dug and a large pile of dirt in the courtyard.

Keep in mind what we're building a structure that will be seventeen feet high (eight feet for the statue and nine feet for the platform). How deep does one need to dig? Well, Ben and I decided to find out.

As soon as the crews finished digging, Ben and I inspected the giant hole in the courtyard of the Saint Paul Seminary. Our first discovery was that there is a large pipe or tunnel that runs underneath our courtyard. These pictues give some perspective on how large the hole really was. Ben went down to inspect the hole first hand.

Having the hole completed and the bottom leveled, the crews began to build the foundation for the pillar that will hold up the statue of Saint Paul.

Here are the basics: it has a cruciform structured base with a solid centre to hold up the eight-foot tall statue of Saint Paul. The pillar and statue will sit in the southwest corner of the courtyard. The statue will face east (toward the rising sun) thus looking towards the entrance of the seminary.

We're moving forward at a fever-pitch pace! Stop by the Web-Log tomorrow to see the progress of the pillar and statue! Stop by the seminary soon to see it in person for yourself.

Take care, -Jeremy

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