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Friday, August 15, 2008

And Holy Is Your Name

Today is the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary and is a holy day of obligation - so be sure that you find your way to a Catholic Church near you today if you have not already.

Interestingly, I led a retreat for high-school students this past week and three of them asked me about the Assumption. The exact words of their question were: "So, did Mary actually die or not?"

Note: our original design, custom statue of Saint Paul was installed today - look for the story and photos in Monday's blog; let's let today be all about Saint Mary.

Perhaps the most famous poem and soliloquy in the Bible is the Magnificat (Song of Mary) in the Holy Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ According to Saint Luke 1:46-55. It is similar to the Song of Hannah found in the First Book of Samuel (that is 1 Samuel 2:1-10).

As this is such a beautiful song spoken by our Blessed Mother, I encourage you to look it up (Luke 1:46-55) and read it - the seminarians and priests recite it EVERY DAY during our Evening Prayer. Below, I have placed some poetic-song renderings of the Magnificat that, though not as pure and beautiful as the original, give glory to God.

- - - - - - - -

Poem One - (Amazing Grace)
My soul proclaims the Lord, my God;
my spirit sings God's praise,
Who looks on me, and lifts me up,
that gladness fills my days.

For those who fear the Holy One,
God's mercy shall not die,
Whose strong, right arm puts down the proud,
and lifts the lowly high.

All nations now will share my joy,
for gifts God has outpoured!
This lowly one had been made great,
I magnify the Lord.

Poem Two - (Wild Mountain Thyme)
My soul is filled with joy,
as I sing to God my savior;
You have looked upon Your servant,
You have visited Your people.

Refrain: And holy is Your name,
through all generations!
Ever lasting is Your mercy
to the people You have chosen,
And holy is Your name.

I am lowly as a child,
but I know from this day forward,
That my name will be remembered
for all will call me blessed. [Refrain]

I proclaim the pow'r of God;
You do marvels for Your servants,
Though you scatter the proud-hearted,
and destroy the pow'r of princes. [Refrain]

Poem Three - (Raquel 8 7 8 7 D)
(This is not on the Magnificat but is rather a brief synopsis of the life of Jesus and Saint Mary and asking for her continued prayers and intercession; this was an original work commissioned for the Summer 2007 tour of the National Catholic Youth Choir - their theme for their 2007 Summer tour was "My Soul Magnifies the Lord.")

Mary, first among believers,
trusting in the angel's word,
You consented and, conceiving,
became mother of your God.
Mother now of all believers,
give our fragile faith increase.
My we, trusting in God's promise,
doubts and useless fears release.

Mary, first among the exiles,
seeking refuge in the night,
You left home with spouse and infant,
fleeing Herod's sword in fright.
Mother now of all the exiles,
give them sleep without alarm;
give them clothing, food, and shelter,
keep them safe and free from harm.

Mary, first among disciples,
list'ning, learning from your Son,
You held dear His words and actions,
pond'ring each, forgetting none.
Mother now of all disciples,
help us listen day by day.
Open to the Spirit's prompting,
help us follow Jesus' way.

Mary first among the suffering,
standing, bowed, beneath the cross,
You knew all the pain and anguish
of oppression, grief, and loss.
Mother now of all the suff'ring
let us show compassion's face.
Let the victims of injustice know,
through us, God's love and grace.

Mary, first among the blessed,
robed in Heaven's beauty bright,
You rejoice with saints and angels
in your Son's resplendent light!
Mother now of all the blessed,
keep your pilgrim people strong!
Keep us faithful, 'till we join you,
praising God in endless song!

- - - - - -

Saint Mary, pray for us, intercede for us.

Take care, -Jeremy

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