Future Priests of the Third Millennium

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Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Despite not getting to be in the holy land or Rome... It is a relief to be back at the seminary. I have friends and things to do here at the sem, where as at home I would be lost with nothing in particular to do. I am comforted by being at the seminary because it represents movement from where I was to where I'm going. Certainly, it helps to go home to achieve some perspective and reminder of why I'm even in seminary. It helps to reinvigorate my priesthood calling so to speak. Seeing the lack of faith at home and the utter hopelessness/apathy hidden underneath my own family members various facades. The hope and joy of Christ stands out as something distinct and necessary for true happiness.

However, I do see some hope in my own calling. I certainly don't stand alone in coming to the Catholic faith from within the midst of secular culture, but I can in my own way bring something towards the developing of the Catholic culture we desperately need. This is only one of the many reasons I want to be a priest. I mean, at one point I thought social work was a field suited for me, but then I saw it as too superficial. I don't mean that in the way you might think. What I really mean is that the human condition and the social structure supplying physical or emotional needs isn't enough for me. What I found is that I deeply desire to serve people's true desire, God. I have already found Christ to be everything in my own life, and what is left was and is to share that with a society in desperate need. The hope and joy that prevails through my relationship with Jesus is what I most want to serve to people. The relationship with Christ will no doubt serve more people and to greater benefit.

Anyway, J-term or (January term) has been more than fruitful. And I'm saying that just after the first day! Christian Theological Tradition has been very thought provoking thus far. I am very blessed to be here!

God Bless!