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Friday, January 30, 2009

Off to Assisi

Well, all, we're off in Assisi. At the end of every J-Term, SPS has its yearly retreats for the seminarians. The Pre-Theology men are already on retreat, if not even finishing up. We Deacons left yesterday and began retreat last night. The rest of Theo I-III will leave and begin their retreats on Sunday, going until Friday.

For Theo III and Theo IV, these are special retreats for Church Law requires that we do a retreat in preparation for Ordination, within six months of the date of Ordination--it's often called the "Canonical Retreat."

You might be wondering, by this point, if I am writing on the blog while on retreat. "What sort of retreat is this?!" Well, actually, I'm wrote this post before leaving for retreat. Within the last year Google/Blogger has added quite a number of new options for blogging. One new option is scheduled posting. One can write a post and in the Post Options put a future date and time on it and that post will publish at whatever you set. So, throughout this next week or so, there will be a new post almost every day, but most of them were written before we left for retreat, and then scheduled them to post in the future.

So, while we're all off retreating, praying in the desert if you will, do hold us in prayer. Pray especially for the priests that will be directing us on our retreats - they set the tone, influence the retreat experience much, and therefore have a significant burden upon them.

Until after retreat, however, Arrivederci!