Future Priests of the Third Millennium

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The "l'Orange" Position

While in Rome, we are staying at the Domus Romana Sacerdotalis. This residence has served us very well, providing us with three meals each day as well as individual rooms and baths. The beds are relatively comfortable, the rooms are cleaned each day, and the food is typically quite good. The Domus also has laundry facilities, but for a variety of reasons, the majority of my classmates and I have decided not to take advantage of these amenities. Instead, most of us have taken to washing our clothes in the sink. Several of us brought laundry detergent to facilitate this activity. As a result, on any given day, one can find clothes drying on most of the radiators on our floor (note the background in the picture below).

I must say that having now washed my clothes by hand for a couple of weeks, I have developed a new appreciation for the women who used to wash laundry by hand all the time. It provides a thorough workout for one's arms. What other men have come to appreciate, however, is how laundering by hand can dry one's skin. Thus, they found it necessary to take some protective measures. In the picture below, as opposed to the "Orans Position" Jonathan demonstrates his "l'Orange" Position.