Future Priests of the Third Millennium

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Friday, January 02, 2009

Several Things

I returned to the seminary earlier this evening, and the place is dead. I have seen only four other living people here since my arrival. So much for a warm welcome . . .


Tomorrow, two classmates and I will depart from the Twin Cities at around 1:00 pm to begin our January Term Class. We will be meeting the rest of our classmates in Rome. We will spend the entire month of January in Rome, studying missiology (the study of the Church's missionary quality). The month will end with a silent retreat, which is required by Church Law before our ordinations as priests. The retreat will take place in Assisi. Look for frequent updates on our trip here.


While Theology VI gallivants around the Eternal City, Theology III will be walking in the footsteps of Christ and honing their homiletic skills as they enter the final stage of preparation for their ordinations as deacons. They departed for the Holy Land on January 1. Follow their journey here.

Please pray for the safety of these men during their time in Israel.


While the older men are away, the first and second theologians will still be around the seminary studying the Spirituality of the Diocesan Priest and Pedagogy respectively. Meanwhile, Pre-theology I will be taking classes while Pre-theology II men are assigned to parishes for the month. Look for updates about their J-Term classes as well.