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Friday, December 21, 2007

Apologies... and Time

Sorry for the hiatus on the posting, here. Finals week has been a little bit hectic--as it always is for college students. A number of the men have departed after their last final and have returned home. There are some who have left and will not return to the seminary (for any extended period of time) until February! This is because the fourth year deacons will be spending their J-term (January-term) in Rome, studying missiology with one of our professors. The second year pre-theologians in the house will also be gone; they each receive parish placements and spend a month in the parish. So, though our numbers will be a bit smaller when we return in just 12 short days (yes, that's right, St. Thomas starts up classes again on the 2nd of January), we will still be right back here, knocking at heaven's door, asking for the grace to be formed into the image of Jesus Christ, Priest of the eternal covenant.

On another note, I am a great procrastinator. Being from a smaller diocese, I have the grace to have lengthy conversations with my bishop, to get to know him more personally, and to hear his mind in regards to my formation. My bishop has repeatedly told me to rid myself of the habit of procrastinating. Now is the time to do it, he repeats, for if you don't work at getting better at managing your time, it will stay with you--even till you're 75!

Why do I mention this? Well, even though I have some papers to finish, I took the time yesterday to finish a book I was reading (just some 30 pages) and it was excellent: G. K. Chesterton's The Ball and the Cross. I will post sometime soon on a reflection I have had which was spurred by the book. Until then, however, I must return to the papers.

I hope your Advent preparations are yet continuing well in these last days before Christmas.

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