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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Correction, and a Word on Discipline

Michael, unfortunately, did not publish the 200th post. He would have, except that I deleted a post that was still in its drafting stage, thus giving myself the privilege of publishing the 200th post. So, here it is.


We are taught that as a result of original sin, man suffers a darkened intellect, a weakened will, and disordered passions. Finals week serves as a dandy time for man's fallen nature to expose itself. For instance, why do I need to study for my exams? Why don't the truths of the faith make immediate sense? The answer: I have a darkened intellect. Perhaps more to the point, though, why am I writing this post right now as opposed to preparing for my exam on the Gospel of John that will occur a mere two and one-half hours from now? The answer: I have a weak will. I don't want to study anymore, and my intellect is having a hard time convincing my will that I should do so. What's more, my will, even after having been instructed to study by my intellect, is having a hard time reigning in my passions. The passions are all over the place today, talking to friends, eating Christmas cookies, and leading me to do just about anything but study for tests or finalize papers.

So, it is a matter of disciplining my intellect, my will, and my passions. I will attend Mass shortly in an effort to do just that. Likewise, I will ask for God's assistance through my own private prayer and the recitation of the Liturgy of the Hours. And, I will do some sort of mortification, trying to tame my wild passions and order them towards what is objectively good.

But mostly, I will cram twenty minutes before the exam begins.


J. Thorp said...

Is it before 5 p.m.? I shouldn't be doing this ...

Jinglebob said...

Ohh you are a sneaky fellow aren't you?

I always knew if the preisthood didn't work out for you that you would make a fine politician!

I think you got your ability for rationalization from me. ;)

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