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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Living Vicariously

I have been home for two days now and am glad to have this time to spend with my family, but in a particular way, with my nephews. One is an infant and I get a kick out of being able to hold him and feed him, and give him back to his mother when he needs a new diaper. His older brother, however, is a different story. He will be three in February and he is constantly on the move. Yesterday, as I dozed in the armchair while the cat slept on my lap, I was roused by Gabe as he leaped from the couch to my chair in order to catch the cat (the cat has learned very quickly how to stay out of the kid's reach). Last evening, my family attended mass at our local parish. My nephew, even before we had finished the opening song, had escaped under the pew and kneeler and was running around in the back. He screamed when I caught him. He screamed again when I handed him over to his mother. He screamed several more times before Grandpa finally took him outside.

It is good to be uncle and not dad for these two little ones. I can spoil them as I wish. And, I live out my biological fatherhood vicariously through my brothers.

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