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Sunday, December 23, 2007


Trust me, I also find this image to be a little lacking, but I couldn't find a better one.

So the last three days were spent with my fellow seminarians from the Diocese of Winona at our wonderful seminary - IHM. Being blessed as we are, our bishop and vocation director have realized that if good and fruitful fraternity among priests is going to exist, it must first take root while in the seminary. It only becomes more difficult to have it or build it once ordained - particularly in a rural diocese like my own. Hence, about two years ago, the vocation director instituted semi-annual gatherings in the City of Winona, the Diocesan See.

We ended our Christmas gathering yesterday and, unfortunately, there was a snow storm plaguing this fair state. So, though everyone left, we each had longer travels due to the weather. Let me tell you, it was not pretty when I finally headed out. There were moments, actually, when it was pure white-out and I could not see any further than the end of the hood on my car. However, this was only for the first +/- 35 miles of the trip. Afterwards, it was far better. Anyhow, so as I was on my way, I thought, "I haven't stopped and seen Father Tim for some time. I wonder if he's still in town or if he headed out for the night to his folks'." Sure enough, I called and he was in town. So, being only 45 minutes from his place, I asked if his guest room was clean and if he wouldn't mind an overnight visit. "Of course!"

The only reason I mention this is that this is exactly part of good priestly fraternity (good Christian hospitality as well). I relish in the fact that I can call up a priest-friend in the diocese and just stop in on a whim like that. It assuredly inconveniences him a bit, but that doesn't matter. More important is the maintenance of the bonds of friendship and fraternity (not to mention it also shows me the virtue I ought to possess in the future!). We catch up on what's new, reminisce on the old, and pray together for the Church and the diocese. It seems so simple and so little in one way, but in the end, it actually means so much.

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