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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Prioritizing during Finals Week

The seminary is great!

I finished my undergrad degree in 2006, took one year off from university (though I worked for one during that time), and now I'm back in school. The academics are exceedingly challenging . . . even for the fellas in pre-theology. It is amazing how difficult (yet oddly fun) it is to go through finals.

Now midway through our finals week, I have to write on how cool the seminary envrionment is - especially made so by the gentlemen here in the Saint Paul Seminary. I remember that when I was an undergrad student, no one had time to do anything during finals week: papers, exams, test-prep, study, study, study! We learn to do without watching the football game and decide that we'll have to hang-out some other week. As I mentioned above, the seminary also, and to a greater degree, has very challenging academics.

Prayer is not something that is passed over, during even our busiest times. Our prayers have not been cancelled; we did not decide to only continue our prayers if we have time. I am here with over sixty others who (despite schedules much busier than mine) still give for Morning Prayer, Mass, and Evening Prayer all the same.

As finals are only half complete, I must be back to my studies (. . . and prayers).

Continuing the Advent anticipation: Come, Lord Jesus.

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