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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Etiquette, again.

I thought I would throw another of the snippets from the Social Manual for Seminarians by Rev. Thomas Case and Rev. Leo Gainor, O.P., up here for your enjoyment. This comes from Chapter 9: Tipping, page 55:

Credit Cards

Travelers, today, carry little cash but many Credit Cards and Travelers Checks. You can charge your gasoline, your flight fare, your railroad expense. You can sign for your motel, "say it with flowers," or send gifts.
In the dining room no money changes hands. You can dine, wine, and tip without cash. You sign for the meal and write in the amount of the tip for the waiter.
This, for the present, is a purely academic supposition for you, the seminarian. It will, however, become practical when you have acquired more maturity and rank, more girth and bank balance.
Then a psychological phenomenon will take place. The added prestige of "signing for it" instead of "paying now" will lift you out of the normal 15 to 20 percent tipping class and you will pencil in a tip in the 25 to 30 percent bracket. It will be painless.
The reaction will set in later on - when you receive the statement for your splurge and get out your checkbook. Maybe it was worth it!

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Unless your bishop sends you to the NAC or The Casa -there's no tipping in Rome!

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