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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Free Weekend

While twelve of the men are gallivanting around New York with the Pope, the rest of the community is enjoying a free weekend. This means that the usual weekend schedule is suspended, and we are given permission to use the time as we wish. Some have gone to a funeral, others have spent the time catching up on homework, while still others have used the weekend as an excuse to go home. For me, the free weekend has afforded the opportunity to visit Como Park. I was told that a fascinating species of flower was in blossom. It is called the Corpse Flower. Only about 125 specimens of this flower have been discovered in the world, but one of them lives at the Como Park Conservatory. Because the flower blossoms only every fifteen years, it is quite an experience to be able to see one. The downside, however, is that the blossom smells of decaying flesh. The advantage of this odor is that it attracts insects that would typically feed on carrion. These insects pollinate the plant.

Sadly, I missed the Corpse Flower by a week. It had been damaged in transplanting it, and as a result, had been taken into the nursery for more specialized care. The day was not a loss, however. I also visited the Como Zoo. Among the exhibits were tigers, giraffes, and lions. This evening, I joined friends from high school for dinner. It was a lovely, relaxing, rejuvenating day - a real blessing in the craziness of spring.


Jonathan said...

I went to view it the day after it made the Minneapolis paper. I had wanted to view the one down in St. Peter at Gustavus Adolphus College, but got there too late. I thought that I had another chance, now. But, alas, it decided to smell for only 18 hours, said the groundskeepers. And I had just missed it. Instead, it just smelled like a room full of people.

oscar said...

Alas for the corpse flower... oh that this too too solid flower would melt thaw and resolve itself anew!

glad you delighted in Como Park. All the best!

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