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Monday, April 21, 2008

The Holy Father's meeting with the youth and seminarians

Our day on Saturday started early with mass in a meeting room at our hotel. From there we went to the Yonkers Speedway to get on a bus to go to St. Joseph's Seminary. Fr. Cozzens proudly holds our parking pass.

From there we went through security and staked out our spot.

As the day went by the field began to fill up and the sun was out for the whole day. There were a lot of musical acts including some Christian artists (3rd day, Salvador, Fr. Stan Fortuna CFR, Matt Maher) and the last artist was Kelly Clarkson who won the first American Idol competition a few years back. After that the stage crew got the stage set up for the Holy Father. Before Pope Benedict came out on to the stage, he visited with some young people who have mental and physical disabilities in the seminary chapel. One of the little girls wrapped her hands around the Holy Father and gave him a hug. She then helped one of the other children approach the Pope. It was a beautiful moment to see and it meant a lot to me in particular because I have a sister who is disabled and it was a sign that the Holy Father was reaching out to her as well.

After that the Holy Father came out with a roaring crowd. He came down one of the walkways about fifteen feet away from us.


Anonymous said...


You guys were right in the front row! Fr. Andrew knows how to do it from all his years in Rome... you got to get there early and stake the aisle! I'm so glad you were able to spend time with Papa.

Clayton said...

Fr. Andrew,

I saw you on EWTN during the youth event in Yonkers! I wish I had left my iPhone with you for an apostolic blessing...

Anonymous said...

That must have been awesome!

I saw you all especially Fr. Cozzens on EWTN.

God Bless!

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