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Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Rite of Spring, Tertia Pars (Part III)

We took this video a couple of weekends ago. With the weather not knowing what to do with itself recently, the trees are going to start budding, and so the sap apparently will soon turn bitter. By now, they've finished collecting the sap, but for latter part they were keeping the more recent batches separate from the earlier ones just in case it had begun to go sour. The video below is the next step in the process after tapping the trees and collecting the sap (well, and straining out the bark). It took some time to get this one up because we're still working on perfecting the art of video-posting, but enjoy nontheless. We've actually resorted to utilizing YouTube to post these videos since BlogSpot's doesn't seem to be working quite right. Enjoy!

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