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Friday, May 16, 2008


The seminary seems pretty empty tonight.

I will be the first to admit that when this time of year arrives, I am ready to get out of here. Nevertheless, as luck would have it, I am typically one of the last to leave. I am currently pursuing two degrees simultaneously. As a result, at the end of every semester, there are always final papers to be finished after the exams have been completed. This spring has maintained the pattern of springs passed. From my window, I see my brothers marching out to their cars with all of their worldly possessions in tow. I, meanwhile, thumb through my books wondering what the heck I am going to say for eleven more pages. Even with these papers, though, I still have a fair amount of free time. Thus, I am feeling a little melancholy this evening. I have time to spend with other guys now - no agendas and preoccupations. But, all of us are leaving. All the things we meant to do together this year will have to wait until next year now. There is a small temptation to want to stay here, but only if everyone else could stay too, and there was no work with which to contend. I think there is an important spiritual lesson in this experience. As good as this life may be, we are not meant to remain here forever.

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