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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

morchella esculenta

As my brothers have been noting over the past few days, the number of men in the house has been steadily decreasing. As summer guest master, I will be one of the few fortunate men to remain in residence at the Seminary throughout the summer. Certainly, it will be demanding work at times, but I think I will enjoy the peace and quiet of a little room in a great location (Summit Ave & Mississippi River Blvd). I intend, in addition to my duties, to accomplish some reading (more on that later) and maybe play a little golf here and there. And of course, there are numerous spiritual resources still available around here throughout the summer to keep me occupied in that department.

At any rate, much to our delight and surprise, another seminarian and I have discovered a bounty of morel mushrooms sprouting in the garden behind Saint Mary's Chapel. Of course, these elusive fungi are a highly sought-after culinary delicacy. And we have some growing right in our backyard! I have heard a good way to prepare them is to saute or deep-fry them. Any other suggestions in the comment box would be appreciated! Here are some pictures...


Alli said...

Chicken with morels:

J. Thorp said...

Just saute in a little butter. Maybe some pepper or salt if you must, but not too much. So good -- what a lovely little spring blessing!

Anonymous said...

Of course you are absolutely positive they are morels - correct? Because if you are mistaken you would be very sorry!

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