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Thursday, May 01, 2008

Holy Hour

In ancient times, before their ordination, men would have gone to the chapel or church to keep vigil the entire night before committing their lives to Christ in Holy Orders. While this tradition has mostly disappeared, vestiges of it remain in many place, not the least of which is this fine institution.

The men of the St. Paul Seminary Community will gather tomorrow evening to pray before our Eucharistic Lord for those who will be ordained to the Holy Order of Deacon on Saturday. The Holy Hour will begin at 8:00 PM in St. Mary's Chapel at St. Paul Seminary. Fr. Thomas Margevicius will be presiding.

The following day, these same men will be ordained at the St. Mary's Basilica in Minneapolis beginning at 1:00 PM.

Should the inclination strike you, you are welcome to attend either event.


Jodi said...

Will you be ordained on Saturday, or will your ordination be in Rapid?

Anonymous said...


Really? Us laypeople (women) can come to the Holy Hour?

The vigil night is an awesome tradition! Thanks for writing about it!

Jinglebob said...

Jodi, Tyler will be ordained back here.

Jodi said...

Thanks jinglebob. I thought probably since I didn't hear plans that you would be visiting.

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