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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

A Constructive Summer Ends - Final Summer Project

Today is the first day that the returning seminarians and the new seminarians at the Saint Paul Seminary have had a real opportunity to meet one another.

We open our academics tomorrow, but today is our Day of Recollection; it is a time of prayer. Additionally today, the chapel is having several lights "re-aimed." This is a leftover task from the installation of the new crucifix and addition of the tabernacle to the sanctuary - both of which happened this past year.

Today's goal was to replace some not-so-bright lights and re-aim others to properly light the sanctuary. The trick was that there are only two places to access the ceiling of the chapel: one entrace is above the organ, and the other is in the back of the chapel near the baptismal font.

As you see the machine here that was needed to take care of the crew and supplies, the entrance above the organ was not a possibility. The crew ascended to the ceiling near the baptismal font and then needed to crawl to the other side of the chapel. As this author does not enjoy heights, we do not have any pictures of the scaffold above our chapel ceiling.

Additionally, tonight, His Excellency Archbishop Nienstedt will be at the seminary for our academic-year opening Mass and banquet. Tonight the faculty will confirm to the Archbishop that they will teach in accord with the doctrines of the Catholic Church at the Mass as well.

Take care, -Jeremy

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