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Friday, September 12, 2008

First House Party

Tonight, the third floor hosted the first house party of the year. Throughout the year, there are (I think) three house parties per semester - one hosted by each floor. Perhaps it's only three per year. Anyhow, it fell to the third floor men this time.

It was a very simple event, replete with comraderie, burgers, beer, chicken legs, guacamole, pop (or "soda" for you non-midwesterners). Early in the evening, there was bocce ball, as well as two games of bean-bag toss. We had music playing on a stereo which accompanied the varied conversations which were carried on at the tables.

As the evening drew on, and as the daylight faded, there was a fire that was started in our firepit. The picture here is not of our own firepit. I don't know that we would really be able to build a fire this large in our own pit. It really is rather nice.

As has become the custom around these parts, there was even a portion of the evening devoted to singing some favorite tunes. A number of the hispanics of our community gathered to sing La Bamba, among others, while one of the fourth year deacons and one of the priest faculty played on their bass and guitar - a rather talented community we have! An event like this provides a great way for the returning men and the new men to continue to get to know one another better. All in all, a great night. A great way to help the year get off to a good start.

Men of the third floor: thank you for a great night.

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Laura The Crazy Mama said...

Yeah, sounds like fun...but did you sing "Kumbaya"? I mean, a fire isn't a fire unless you got guitars and a little Kumbaya, I tell you.


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