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Saturday, September 20, 2008

People are funny critters

People from my neck of the woods may well recognize the title of this post as a blatant act of plagiarism, as it is also the title of an amusing poem by cowboy poet and veterinarian, Baxter Black. He proposes a whole list of these "funny critters," among whom are

Apple Pie Bakers,
And crooked book makers,
And Blonds and Brunetters,
And Birthday Forgetters,
And Chicken Fry lovers,
And Blue-Eyed Soul Brothers,
And Drinkers and Boozers,
And Winners and Losers,
And Elephant Trainers,
And Tireless Campaigners,
And Fixers and Menders,
And Paper Clip Benders,
And Goers and Stayers,
And Pinochle Players,
And Handkerchief Users,
And Tissue Abusers.

There are also apparently coffee-cup-nose-touchers.

It is our habit to enjoy a short social as a bit of an intermission between our Holy Hour and communal recitation of Night Prayer on Sundays. On a recent Sunday evening, the hosts of the social served hot cider, which was particularly good. They served the cider from real coffee mugs, and the night was cooler than those to which we had grown accustomed over the summer. For this reason, one of the men with whom I was speaking felt compelled to take his ceramic mug, warmed by the cider within, and repeatedly apply it to the tip of his nose.

People are funny critters . . .

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