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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Lost in Translation II

Perhaps I shouldn't get onto this soapbox. This topic is, after all, well beyond beating a dead horse. Yet, since we have not begun to implement the changes, we will still have to revisit the issue in the future. So, I provide for you today's Opening Prayer from Mass in the Latin, ICEL 1970 (give or take a couple years) English and my own translation (definitely not perfect).

Who knows, maybe it's only so very beyond dead within seminary and theological circles, and not so much in the sphere of the laity.


qui populo tuo beatos Cornelium et Cyprianum
sedulos pastores et invictos martyres præstitisti,
concede, ut, eorum intercessione,
fide et constantia roboremur,
et pro Ecclesiæ unitate operam tribuamus impense.
Per Dominum.

ICEL 1970:

God our Father,
in Saints Cornelius and Cyprian
you have given your people an inspiring example
of dedication to the pastoral ministry
and constant witness to Christ in their suffering.
May their prayers and faith give us courage
to work for the unity of your Church.
Grant this through our Lord...

My translation:

who for your people you set forth
Blesseds Cornelius and Cyprian,
painstaking pastors and unconquered martyrs,
grant that, through their intercession,
we might be strengthened with faith and steadfastness,
and zealously work for the unity of the Church.
Through our Lord...


Dave said...

I like your translation better.

Jonathan said...

Although the ICEL one flows better.

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