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Monday, September 08, 2008

Tight Schedule, New Adventures

Today is the beginning of the first full week of the academic year at the Saint Paul Seminary.

For those of us in Theology I, Mondays are our "lighter" days in terms of classroom-time. As such, I was hopeful that I would be able to both catch-up and get-ahead in reading and other tasks for my courses.

However, anything that could be construed as "free time" quickly evaporates in the seminary. My house job for the year is to be the "worship-aid maker" - I build the liturgy guides. While I had planned to use the second half of this morning to read, a last-minute task was brought to my attention that took away nearly all of my planned reading time. On top of that, I was scheduled to be the cantor for Evening Prayer at 5pm today - this means that even my transitions were filled (with practicing).

All the same, after my final class for today (3pm), I really needed some exercise. I managed to get another seminarian to come with me to play racketball for an hour. While some would call this a waste of precious study-time, I saw it as a much needed release.

MY LESSON: It is going to be a rough year. I need to really push forward in my studies and block-out the unnecessary tasks. Now it's off to bed (early), not because I am fully ready for the rest of the week but rather because I have four classes tomorrow - and I will need my strength.

Take care, -Jeremy

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