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Monday, September 15, 2008

Maybe you can figure out why I posted this

There are a couple of reasons for my posting this, but perhaps you can figure out the primary reason for having done so. SPS sems and alums, chime in!


Anonymous said...

Because the election is coming up?

Deacon Gregory. said...

Good guess, and that is one of the reasons, but not the primary reason.

Anonymous said...

He is so young and handsome!

Deacon Gregory. said...

That he looks so young is exactly right. A more recent photo can be found here. Someone who will remain nameless is rumored to have asked, "Did they use his First Communion photo for this poster?"

Quantitative Metathesis said...

Because Fr. Laird is awesome and rarely says anything not worth saying?

[I hope all is well at SPS. I miss my brothers and fathers! I'm in the thick of parish life out West, serving as the "Pastoral Assistant for Music" in my local church. Pray for me, as I do for you!]

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