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Monday, October 06, 2008

Apostolic Synod

In Rome, bishops from the world over have gathered to participate in a Synod on the Word of God. It will be their work to take up topics in need of clarification and/or reiteration, discuss them, and provide a collection of data from which the Holy Father will then produce an Apostolic Exhortation in which he lays out a the conclusions of the Synod. This happens every few years, and the topics range from Liturgy, to Marriage and Family Life, to Formation for Priesthood and the Word of God.

While nothing especially novel has occurred among the bishops as yet, it is fascinating to note that in conjunction with the Synod, there will be people in Rome reading the complete canon of Scriptures from cover to cover. The Holy Father began yesterday, reading the first chapter of Genesis. The reading will proceed continuously until the last chapter of Revelation, interrupted only for musical interludes including Hebrew songs of praise, Latin Motets, and even some classic American Folk Hymns like "Amazing Grace" and spirituals like "Wade in the Water." I wonder if they are recording it . . .

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That would definitely be worth listening intently to ...

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