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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

In which I startle wildlife of the ring-tailed variety

As I have commented often before, it is my habit to take an evening constitutional. Of late, Deacon Gregory has made it his habit to join me. A week or so ago, the two of us were in the final stretch this walk when Dcn. Gregory pointed wildly and exclaimed, "Look! A Raccoon!" Indeed, there he was galumphing across the street toward the storm drain. He took quick cover therein, and watched us watching him. We stood a moment, hoping that he might venture out (secretly, I hoped that he would come out and bite Dcn. Greg), but he was perfectly content to remain where he was. After a bit, we moved on, and then stopped again downwind, hoping that he might be tricked into believing that we had departed permanently. No such luck. We scooted a bit closer hoping to catch a final glimpse. He had stuck his head out and was looking around (hoping to catch a final glimpse of us?). We then parted ways.

Having grown up on a ranch, raccoons are not a new phenomenon to me, nor is it unusual for me to see a wide variety of animals on a regular basis. Nevertheless, stuck here in the city, it was a small taste of home to see the little ring-tailed critter.


Anonymous said...

I know the feeling... although I was quite excited a couple weeks ago to see wild turkeys not far from our house. The Raccoons and Opossums I could do without. Wild Turkeys in the Suburbs of the metro... was quite the find for me. Fun to still catch some glimpses of rural life, even in the giant concrete of a world we call the twin cities.

-Minnie (Kristi)

Jeremy said...

Deacon, this is a great post. I only wish I was there . . . not so much as to see a raccoon but to see Deacon Gregory having "pointed wildly" and to hear your various comments and see your reactions to the situation.

Great story!

Jinglebob said...

Must not say it.... must not say it....;)

Good one!

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