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Saturday, October 04, 2008

Reflection upon humanity.

"The United States was founded in 1776 on the principles of Life, liberty, and the reckless pursuit of happiness at any cost- even life and Liberty." The Onion.com

I ran across this statement on the Onion, and it struck me. I know it was meant to be satirical, but I could not help remark at the truth contained in this statement. Certainly I could remark how this relates directly to abortion in both senses, but that is not the point I want to make. It is the recklessness that I must insist upon as my own sensitivity here. Perhaps this should not be my first entry upon the seminary Blog, but the reflection is there and I desire to express it. Human nature is reckless; we don't often pause to consider consequences and deeper underlying causes to problems or the roots from which these reckless ideas come. Humanity is plagued with half truths or deceit that reigns in many lives.

I am not sure I understand things like people found crying over dead trees on Youtube, (it really is almost beyond words.) I think it speaks to how far people can be deceived in this life and how pervasive evil truly can become. Perhaps we don't see explicit evil in things like "mourning dead trees" - it is very slight and it has less to do with the action itself than it does with horrible philosophy or having no philosophical basis what so ever. I'm not even saying one needs traditional, formal philosophical training, but I can see that people are operate out of some system by which they assert that the world makes sense. Some follow whatever person, others do whatever their feelings dictate, and for some it all depends upon the day. This is the society we live in - trees can become our friends, if we just dream it up.

I am forced to wonder at how blessed I was not to be led astray amidst all the fray at a liberal Lutheran institution from which I come. Eventually I will write more on how I made it to the Seminary, but I will save that for a later post. For now, I am content to reflect upon the blessings of the Lord, and particularly, that in his providential care, He brought me here to continue to learn and develop my own love for His Church.


Deacon Tyler said...

It occurs to me that there is also a sort of "holy recklessness." By this, I mean that in pursuit of God, people will do the seemingly absurd. Abraham was willing to sacrifice his son. King David made a fool of himself leading the procession with the Ark of the Covenant. The Apostles preached to the hostile crowds. St. Francis of Assisi walked the streets naked. Twenty-some new men arrived at the seminary to prepare for priesthood this year.

Jeremy said...

Michael makes an excellent point: one could easily be lead astray by the company one keeps or the institutions which which one is involved, educational or otherwise.

We seek the Truth and there are not counter-truths or opposing "versions" of the Truth.

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