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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

"Camping" in Duluth

Late last week, I wrote to let you know that several of us from the Saint Paul Seminary were going to go camping in Duluth Diocese over this past weekend - our only free weekend of the mointh. If you live in Minnesota, you'll know that both Friday and Sunday held plenty of rain - but Saturday was nice, though chilly.

The six of us still did go to Duluth for the trip, however, due to the large predicted rain and chilly nights, we slept in a hotel in the city rather than a tent on the North Shore.

On Friday morning we left Saint Paul for Duluth - one of the six of us, Don, is from the Diocese of Duluth. As such, Don led our walk-tour of the City of Duluth on Friday - Albert (one of our seminarians from Ghana) was so impressed with the unique character of Duluty (the hills, the lift bridge, and more) that he kept saying "how beautiful, how beautiful!"

Most interestingly, we participated in the 40-Days for Life event in Duluth; this event is 24/7 prayer outside of an abortion-support-building for forty days. Don knows the coordinators and helped us get on the schedule for two hours Friday night.

Saturday was my favorite of the days: we went hiking in the North Shore area. We saw many of the various falls, went on the tourist-trails, and the more skilled (read: real) hiking trails as well. At night, we watched an older (read: 1990s) movie that was about never giving up hope - we "flexed our theologial muscles" by reading Trinitarian and other Christian symbolism into the plot of the movie

Finally, on Sunday we attended Mass at the Cathedral of the Diocese of Duluth. It's a great place and full of great Christians. We were honored to be there and sad to have to leave.

Praised be Jesus Christ, our journey back to Saint Paul was completed safely and without trouble. It's good to be back but I do miss the great times we had the whole weekend.

Take care, -Jeremy


Don said...

So you guys are switching dioceses, right?

Don said...

The movie was "Iron Will". Filmed partly in Duluth BTW.

"flexed our theological muscles"
It was a stretch alright, lol.

Lori Westland said...

Thanks for helping with 40 Days, men!

2-hours/45 min...they are one in the same :)

You are all in my prayers,

Duluth Campaign Director

p.s. the pics are just darling

Michael said...

Answer to first comment: No, I would just like you diocese to get away, otherwise it wouldn't be getting away exactly.

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