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Friday, October 10, 2008

A Beautiful Morning on Mississippi River Blvd

Here are some pictures from the seminary this morning.


Jinglebob said...


Don said...

Where were these taken from?

Anonymous said...

The first three were taken from the third floor lounge, looking out the sliding (patio) doors. The last one was taken from the bell tower.

Most impressive are the clouds which were passing over downtown Minneapolis. They have a very peculiar formation, looking like waves as you can see. Some wondered if it was the hand of God descending upon Minneapolis to exact His retribution, but I think whoever said that was just from Saint Paul.

Anyone able to explain them, though? Anyone ever seen them before?

Jonathan said...

No, the person who said it was not from Minnesota!

Adoro said...

Did Garrison Keiler say it? He was not fond of Minneapolis.

And I used to live in Minneapolis....I think the hand of God exacting retribution is actually quite apt! (BTW...I STILL live in Minnesota).

Minneapolis is a clean city by appearances and has some great stuff, but its "soul" is corrupt.

Jonathan said...

How come Deacon Gregory has a period at the end of his name and all the other bloggers don't?

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