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Thursday, October 30, 2008


As I noted last evening, we celebrated the Installation of New Acolytes on Tuesday evening. The Mass was celebrated by Bishop Paul Swain of the Diocese of Sioux Falls. I had the honor of serving at his side as Deacon of the Altar. This particular celebration was especially beautiful for me, though the experience is hard to articulate.

About twenty priests concelebrated the Mass, and crowded into sanctuary for the Eucharistic Prayer. As is typical, I knelt during the consecration, but my spine tingled as I heard each of the priests praying with the bishop those same words spoken by Jesus at the last supper. "This is my body." "This is my blood."

I was surrounded by the priests, and these words seemed to thunder as they were spoken. It was as though I was hearing every priest from every age, from the Apostles until now, praying the words in concert with the bishop. I was overwhelmed by enormity of it. From the beginning until now, priests, standing in the person of Christ, have spoken those words, re-presenting the sacrifice of Calvary, perpetuating throughout time that saving event, and drawing the faithful of every age into true communion with Christ. At the same time came a call. "Join your voice with theirs." It was a moment of profound longing. "Lord," I prayed, "Though I am not worthy, add my voice to those of these men, and those who have gone before me. Permit that I should be allowed to celebrate these same mysteries at your altar."

The experience was encouraging and simultaneously terrifying. How is it that a duty so sacred will be entrusted to me, God willing, in less than eight months?


Jinglebob said...

Aww, you will be great!

J. Thorp said...

"Not worthy" -- a worthy sentiment for so many of us to keep in mind. But I agree with JB!

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