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Friday, October 24, 2008

Camping: Cancelled

All of the seminarians have been looking forward to a well-deserved and much-needed break. Today begins our "long" (read: three-day) weekend.

About four weeks ago, perhaps ten of us planned on using this weekend to go camping iu the Duluth Diocese. We planned this fully expecting that the weather could be cloudy and that the nights would be colder.

Even on Wednesday we had the "green light" to go but a check of the weather on Thursday brought out plans to a halt. In addition to significant rain on both Friday and Saturday, the nights could be as cold at twenty degrees Fahrenheit - which - in addition to the rain and possible snow - for some was not all-together unacceptable but to others (especially considering at least one of our brothers from Ghana would be joining us) it was just too much.

Still, a few of us are willing to make a go of it - though not camping. A few of us will be heading out together to have some adventures . . . even if that adventure mainly consists of traveling to some city we know not-well, and doing homework between touring that city.

Will we still have a weekend adventure: yes. Will it be exciting: possibly. Will we have a good time: here's hoping. Will we have stories to tell: no doubt. Stay tuned for the recount of the weekend's events or non-events (read: adventures of doing homework in a coffee shop).

Take care, -Jeremy


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