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Monday, December 22, 2008

Car Troubles . . . Kind Assistance

Last Spring, my car began to have troubles. At first, it was just a fan belt that made extra noise. Then it was a loud, constant noise from an unknown source under the hood. Later this Summer the car began to idle at a very high-level RPM.

Well, today I am finally able to get the car checked by a mechanic. Why just now, you ask? Catholic seminarians are not allowed to have a job and thus the very few dollars in my bank account need to be spared unless an expense is unavoidable.

Thanks to a very kind Christmas present from a family that heard of my troubles, I am now able to take the car to a mechanic and have said-mechanic fix the troubles that my car has been experiencing for the past nine months.

This gives me the chance to say to all of you who have supported us at the Saint Paul Seminary, thank you most kindly. We're working very hard that we can one day (God-willing) serve you for the rest of our lives. On that journey, even seminarians need a little help.

Take care, -Jeremy