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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Things One Shouldn't Do While on Break

I have a new item for the list of things one should avoid doing while on Break: Trinity Research Papers.

I had never intended to write my research paper while on break.  I had intended to write it before leaving for home.  Unfortunately, Old Man Winter (whom I positively despise) had other plans.  I was forced to choose between leaving early and finishing my work at home or finishing my work and getting caught in the storm that threatened to cover Southern Minnesota with snow on Saturday and Sunday.  So, today, during the rare moments when someone convinced my nephews to try to sleep, I managed to get a few more pages done.  It isn't beautiful.  It is far from perfect.  It has a pretty sparse bibliography.  But, except for the composition of the bibliography, it is complete.  I will send it off to the professor sometime tomorrow.

One should not bring work on vacation, or the break becomes a little of neither.  Not really break, and not really work.  I don't recommend it.  This is the last time I will do it.