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Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Speaking of Translation

Today is another wonderful example of translation issues. All right, perhaps "wonderful" is a bit pejorative. Nonetheless, here we go:

Latin Original:
Propitiare, Domine Deus, supplicationibus nostris, et tribulantibus, quæsumus, tuæ concede pietatis auxilium, ut, de Filii tui venientis præsentia consolati, nullis iam polluamur contagiis vetustatis. Per Dominum.

ICEL 1970:My (limping) Translation:
God of mercy and consolation, help us in our weakness and free us from sin. Hear our prayers that we may rejoice at the coming of your Son, who lives and reigns...Treat favorably our supplications, Lord God, we beseech you; grant your tender aid to our tribulations that, consoled by the present coming of your Son, we may now not be infected by the presence of this long age.

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