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Monday, December 29, 2008

World Youth Day Revisited

I never really did get around to writing much about World Youth Day after returning in July.  Allow me to say this much, though:  This was the best WYD I have ever experienced.  The Aussies planned it well, our home stays were exceptional, and this was the best group of young people with whom I have traveled for any reason.  It was a fantastic experience.  For many of the pilgrims from my group, it was life changing.

Last evening, most of the people who made the pilgrimage reunited to relive some of the experience, to pray, to share a meal, and to begin talking about the next pilgrimage to Spain.  It was great to see this group again.  I am constantly awed by their faith and their zeal.  They are really trying to live their faith, to find their way, and to become holy.  They inspire me.  They call me higher.  They make me look forward to the next pilgrimage, and to our next reunion.