Future Priests of the Third Millennium

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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

At last Lent,

It may seem strange to many catholics, but I like lent. It is the preparation for Easter that makes it all worth while. I mean the way our Church is set up in prayer and fasting and penance, it all makes sense. Think about it like this, everybody likes to win. In games, atheletics, sports, and any competition its always best when you win. Lent is like that perfect game where everybody wins. You can work as hard and do as many penances as you like and it all brings about perseverence. You can persevere and win, simply because Christ is risen! Indeed there is passion and cross, but we are always looking to the new life. Discipline and hard work are something that our modern society have by and by cast off. Lets take it back and be real men and women who know the life of suffering, yet know all the more the life that comes after.