Future Priests of the Third Millennium

A little insight into the life of seminarians from various dioceses preparing for ministry as Roman Catholic priests, including daily activities, personal interests, special events, the spiritual life, news from the seminary, and almost whatever comes to our minds!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Not much going on at the seminary.

By the end of Friday, the seminary was pretty empty. A few of us are sticking around for varying reasons. I leave in a day and half for a retreat and I am looking forward to a new setting and some more time for prayer and meditation. One of the things I love the most about this time off is cooking for myself. Over the years of watching my mother cook and working at a restaurant for a while, I have ventured off onto my own. Friday night was gnocchi and shrimp with an Alfredo sauce. Yesterday was bacon and eggs. This morning/afternoon was a pot of chili and tonight was a pot of pasta with some olive oil and garlic for a sauce. I have some chicken and fettucini; I'll probably find a way to use those together.