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Sunday, March 01, 2009

Lenten Fasting

Ash Wednesday has come and gone, and I expect that by now, some of us are already beginning to wish that we had been more realistic (or at least less enthusiastic) about "giving something up for Lent."

For me, this year, the Lenten fast involves, but is not limited to, having decided to elminate internet service in my dorm room. I expect that this will have the effect of refocusing mu attention on my homework and on my prayer because it will also demand a different sense of balance in my life. The sacrifice is not huge. I am allowing myself access to the internet basically anywhere but in my room. Nevertheless, it does take a certain toll. I have to walk from my room on the third floor to the lab on the first floor to print papers, check email, and the like. Nevertheless, there has been an unexpected perk: there are a lot of guys that use the computer lab that I don't see very often otherwise. Who would have guessed that Lent would foster deeper fraternity in my life.

The downside of this, however, is that I still manage to squander a great deal of time.

Happy Lent!